TO-do's and Not do's when getting a mortgage

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Meet Our Lender Greg Bell

A true native to the area Greg Bell is firmly planted in Hampton Roads – Chesapeake, to be exact. And while you may see him out and about with his family, enjoying the great outdoors or enjoying a day on the golf course , don’t be fooled by his casual, easy going style.

With more than 20 years of experience, Greg is THE authority on mortgage lending. His passion for the business, continued education in the mortgage industry and his position on the board of a national wholesale lender, United Whole Mortgage, he has the knowledge other industry professionals may overlook. These attributes allow him to help thousands of homeowners purchase and refinance homes. Greg is passionate about finding creative financing solutions for his clients, no matter how complex. He utilizes his dedication to learning, along with experience and unparalleled insight to better understand the forces that drive interest rates.

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Greg Will Cover These Topics in his guide

  • Preparing for a Home Loan
  • Do’s and Don’ts
  • Financing
  • Terms to Know

Mortgage Guide By Greg Bell


Mortgage Guide By Greg Bell

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By staying up-to-date on the latest complexities of mortgage lending, technology and cutting edge marketing techniques for real estate, Greg has become a vital resource for homeowners and Realtors alike.

Contact Information:

Greg Bell - NMLS#1612533
Mortgage Broker
VP and Regional Manager Dolfin Home Loans

Phone number:

Email address:


397 Little Neck Rd
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

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